Capo d’Orlando Blues Festival celebrates its 24th edition The festival of cultural interaction will take place in Capo d’Orlando (Messina) from the 22nd to the 30th of July. Here are the first names of the artists taking part in this edition. Corey Harris, Baba Sissoko, Blair Crimmins and the Hookers, Marco Corrao, MimìSterrantino eGli Accusati, Matt Pascale, Little Paul Venturi andSimone Scifoni duo, Orchestra Giovanile di Librino, Amanda Tosoni and Andrea Caggiari, Roberto Menabò; these are just some of the main names of this year’s edition. The American bluesman Corey Harris and the African multi-instrumentalist griot Baba Sissoko, who both drew inspiration from cultural interaction in their careers, will lead workshops involving the youth of the area, including the young immigrants from the immigrant community in Capo d’Orlando. Along the same line will be the performances of other artists, such as: the musician/writer from Bologna, Roberto Menabò, with his book “Vite affogate nel blues”, telling the stories of famous bluesmen of the past who “drowned their lives into the blues”; the Blair Crimmins and the Hookers American band; the Sicilian folk singers Marco Corrao and Giuseppe Milici with the Capo d’Orlando Marching Band; Mimì Serrantino and Gli Accusati; the young up-and-coming blues guitarist Matt Pascale; the Little Paul Venturi and Simone Scifoni duo; the youth orchestra “Orchestra Giovanile di Librino”; the couple Amanda Tosoni and Andrea Caggiari and many young musicians that Capo d’Orlando Blues wants to bring to the attention of the audience and the media. Furthermore, many special projects will be implemented as a result of the many workshops taking place during the festival. It’ll be a varied and colorful edition like never before, full of performances (more than 100 artists will rotate on stage), workshops, seminars, meetings, exhibitions and characterized by the interaction among different musical cultures.

This strong characterization and originality is also evident in theposter of the festival, showing the face of William, a young man from Nigeria hosted in the facilities of the SPRAR project in Capo d’Orlando, which is managed by Coop.va Servizi Sociali with the municipality of Capo d’Orlando as proposing institution, both partners of Capo d’Orlando Blues Festival 2017. Capo d’Orlando Blues Festival advocates for the respect of cultural diversity and of cultural interaction and dialogue. This approach aims to enhance diversity as a mutual enrichment, and not as an obstacle to social harmony; in fact, a mutual enrichment is what happened between the XIX-XX centuries, when 4 millions of Italians emigrated to the USA; among them were musicians that recorded about 7.500 tracks in the New World up to the 30’s.It’s thanks to this interaction between the American and Italian musical cultures that jazz and pop music developed in the USA. The festival also aims to enhance the suburbs of Capo d’Orlando, which are evocative areas of outstanding beauty, naturally fit for cultural events, although not always fully exploited. These are places such as “Borgo dei pescatori di San Gregorio”, “Parco Suburbano di Scafa”, Bastione Castle and the Museum/Park of Villa Piccolo. As underlined before, the interaction among different cultures, the involvement of young musicians and the enhancement of the suburbs are the three main guidelines to be followed in this 24th edition, sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, theSIAE and the Municipality of Capo d’Orlando. Palermo, 2017.

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